Bringing Your Business To The Spanish Market

Here is a short video clip from my presentation at's elite 'War Room Mastermind' hosted by Ryan Deiss, about the importance of bringing your products to the Spanish market.

With over 50 million Americans alone speaking Spanish, combined with the growing Latin market…
…Establishing a Spanish base for your offer might be the best business decision you’ll ever make.

While I was living in Trinidad and Tobago, I partnered with over 30 of the best selling fitness authors to translate their products and marketing into the Spanish market.

Within a few years, I had an email list of 300,000+ Spanish speakers and was the #1 biggest business owner in the Spanish health niche.

Here’s the craziest thing:

I don’t even speak Spanish!


I have gathered a team of highly qualified professionals. A team with native translators, communicators and marketers from all over the world whom I have trained in the art of ‘marketing translation’.

We have developed a very unique methodology that allows us to preserve, and even enhance, the power of your original idea when we bring it to the Spanish world.

So here’s what we can do for you:

Your current business will stay exactly how it is today. But we’ll translate your product and marketing funnels into Spanish.

Then, there are options for us to run your Spanish business from start to finish, working on media buying, teaming up with top affiliates in the Spanish market and establishing a new Spanish email list.

This business runs parallel to your current business and you’ll receive a cheque every month for all Spanish sales.

With this service, each package is different depending on your needs. But to discuss this option further, hit the “Contact Us” button below and we can hop on a call.

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