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I AM Marketing Solutions?

(Influential Advertising, Media & Marketing Solutions)

We help people who help other people.
If you sell information products in the health, wealth or personal development niche, or sell anything through online marketing, we’ll help you market your offer and ultimately increase sales, revenues and profits.

Copywriting That Converts

The fastest and easiest way to grow your business is with professional direct response copywriting. From changing your sales pages, revamping your upsell funnels and improving your email copy - this is the fastest way to increase sales as fast as possible.

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Web Design, Split Testing & Conversion Rate Optimization

Your time as a business owner is far too valuable to be working on tech stuff. Work with us and we’ll redesign your website and pages for maximum conversions, and use advanced split-testing and conversion rate optimization to maximize your online sales.

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Video Production

High-quality video sales letters. Professional explainer videos. From effective text-on-screen videos to cinematic, movie-style videos, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we can even write the script for you.

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Bring Your Business To The Spanish Market

Have you ever wanted to bring your business to the 50 million Spanish speakers in America? Or to open up doors to the growing Latin market? Partner with us and we’ll translate your product and marketing into Spanish, show you how to effortlessly navigate the logistical challenges and ultimately run the Spanish division of your company for you (or train your company on how to run this side of your business)

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Grow Your Business With Professional Marketing

Increase Sales

The best thing you’ll ever do for your business is to improve your sales copy. As Gary Halbert famously said, “One good sales letter will change your business forever”. Our team of professional copywriters have been trained by the biggest names in the business, and now, they want to help you.

Become The Biggest Affiliate In Your Space

Do you want to take over the affiliate marketing world, having all of your competitors mail out for you, driving a steady stream of new customers to your business? We can help by creating lethally effective marketing campaigns with the highest EPC’s your affiliates will have ever seen.

Turn Advertising
Into Profit

Are you currently advertising on Facebook, but sick of not knowing if you’re really making any money from it? What if you could could be absolutely certain that for every $1 spend on advertising, you knew you were generating profit? We can help you get new customers every single day using paid advertising. If we don’t, you don’t pay anything.


I believe that anyone who’s looking to really just magnify your brand and getting your content out there into more hands, and to make the bigger difference, and of course what comes along with it, more profits; I believe Matt’s digital marketing agency is a great choice, and a choice that you want to consider if you love working with people who are passionate about making a difference in other people’s lives-
Dr. Steve Young from www.BackPain-Breakthrough.com

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As a direct result of working with Matthew Shuebrook we've made an extra $1.3 million dollars in sales over the last 1.5 years and it's still going strong!

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Whatever roadblock, whatever hurdle that you're coming up against, Matt is the dude with the sledgehammer waiting to smash it down so you can keep moving forward.
Jeremy Reeves

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One of his core values is: overdeliver. He goes above and beyond because he cares about our success.
Joe Barton

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